I am an experienced autism practitioner whose knowledge and experience has been gained from 37 years of working with people on the autistic spectrum across a diverse range of circumstances. During this time I have witnessed what can be achieved by enabling an individual to realise their full potential, but have also discovered the debilitating challenges people with autism can come up against conforming to social boundaries and expected norms within the neurotypical world, and how these challenges become barriers to working, learning and  living a happy and fulfilling life.

After ten years of working for the National Autistic Society my youngest son was diagnosed with Autism and my job became my life encompassing passion. When my son was thirteen, I decided to use my passion to make a difference and went back into education, training as a teacher and moving up the ladder to a senior leadership position within 3 years.

For the past 5 years I have worked within a specialist ASC setting, where an acceptance of the individuality of every person is uppermost. A setting that understands that a person works and learns best when they are in the right frame of mind to do so, and how important it is to treat each person individually to prepare them for any upcoming challenges.

Having taken redundancy from my position as Assistant Head Teacher in 2019, I have decided to use this opportunity to take a slightly different route on my career path and to share my knowledge, experience and passion for an inclusive society for all people with autism.