A few of the testimonials and quotes from professionals we have worked with recently:

“Today at Refinitiv our Ability Network hosted a global webinar for our colleagues on #Autism for #autismawarenessmonth. We had Sally Smith & Julie Myles from The Spectrum Guru hosting a talk and Q&A that focused on understanding autism, the misconceptions that people may have regarding autism and how we can better equip ourselves and our business at supporting our colleagues, friends and family who have autism. It was a really great, informative and engaged session.”

Daniel Callaghan, Mental Health Activist & Social Media Specialist, Refinitiv

”Many thanks to Julie Myles for a fascinating talk on Autism yesterday, we have had great feedback from those that attended and thoroughly recommend her.”

Michael Roberts, Global talent acquisition manager at Pico Technology

“Thought provoking… the course could not be improved.”

“Excellent Course”

“Really appreciated the exercises…very powerful”

“Thought provoking, about all of our behaviour and logic processes!”

Feedback comments from Autism in the Workplace introduction

“Julie had a hugely positive impact upon the successful education of my son, who struggled massively with “normal” schooling. Thanks to her passion, patience and perseverance, he was able to make it through school with good GCSEs, and has just completed a BTech in Engineering with excellent grades. When all other schools had given up on him, Julie didn’t. So we owe her huge thanks, and it’s great that she is now an independent advisor, and can share her wisdom and experience more broadly.”

David Harris, CTO, Cambridge Healthcare Innovations