Autism in the workplace- For managers and HR departments

This training course will give you the knowledge and understanding to effectively support your autistic employees within the workplace. People on the autistic spectrum who are able to work often find that a lack of information and understanding about autism can be a barrier to them finding paid employment. It can also make it more difficult to retain roles in employment once these opportunities have been found. By realising the advantages of employing and developing autistic employees, employers are able to tap into their diverse skill set and benefit from a different approach and out of the box way of thinking.

Course objectives:

  • To have a more in depth understanding of autism and the best strategies to support employees with autism in the workplace
  • Understanding how to create positive outcomes for employees with autism
  • Information on how to create an autism friendly work place
  • Outlining the legal requirements for equality supporting neurodiversity, especially autism
  • To increase managers and HR departments confidence, understanding and ability to work effectively with employees with autism
  • An open forum to ask questions related to the best strategies to support an employee with autism